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Pipetting Samples


For more information on sample requirements please visit Hercules or email us at for any questions you have about what platform is right for you.

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Reading the genetic information of each cell and how it's transcribed allows us to: analyze tissues and organisms at unprecedented resolution, achieve major advances in understanding disease processes, and develop therapeutics. We are a 10X Genomics certified service provider.


Our laboratory includes the latest sequencers from Illumina, MGI, Pacific Biosciences, Oxford Nanopore Technologies, and Life Technologies. All sequencers are supported by process automation. Most of the current commonly employed Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) assay protocols have been introduced into the production pipelines including DNAseq, RNAseq,  WGS, Amplicon Sequencing, and Long-read technologies.

Hi-C Methods for Genome Assembly, & Chromatin Conformation Analysis

  • Illumina NovaSeq 6000

MGI Sequencing Technology

  • MGI DNBSeq G-400

Nanopore Sequencing Technology

  • MinION, GridION, & PromethION

Nucleic Acid Extraction 

  • Manual PerkinElmer Chemagic

Long Read Sequencing

  • Nanopore MinION, GridION, & PromethION

  • PacBio Sequel

Whole Genome Sequencing

  • Illumina HiSeq X

  • Illumina NovaSeq 6000

  • MGI DNBSeq G-400

Amplicon Sequencing

  • Illumina MiSeq

Assays Implemented

  • Smart-seq3

  • Single cell RNA-seq (3’,5’ & full length)

  • Single Cell T-cell receptor V(D)J-seq

  • Single Cell DNA-seq

  • Single Cell CNV detection

  • Single Cell exome-seq

  • Single Cell ATAC-seq

  • CITE-seq

  • Single Cell multiome

Assays in Development


  • CellPlex optimization

  • scRNA-seq long read sequencing

  • Chromium X

Our Laboratory

  • C1 Single-cell Auto Prep System = 10-800 cells

  • ddSEQ Droplet = 100-2000 cells

  • 10X Genomics = 1000-48000 cells, 3' RNA-seq and DNA-seq with Illumina NovaSeq 6000 and MGI DNBSeq G-400

  • Developments = multiplexing & In situ barcoding

For more information on our Illumina and Mixed Applications click here.


Using the Nanopore Flongle, MinION, or PromethION platforms we offer:

Nanopore Options

  • High molecular weight genomic DNA sequencing

  • Amplicon Sequencing

  • Direct RNA sequencing

  • and more

For more information on Nanopore sequencing projects in our centre click here.

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