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Single Cell Genomics: Publications


Single-cell genomics is becoming more and more popular in biomedical research, often providing invaluable insights into the understanding of the pathogenesis of various diseases and normal development. Single-cell genomics technologies allow us to examine RNA, DNA, chromatin structure on the individual cell level, observe and characterize the heterogeneity at the cellular level in disease and development, identify rare cell subpopulations and biomarkers for different cell types, as well as changes in each cell population in disease or upon treatment. In recent years since its widespread use, single-cell genomics has led to many new discoveries. 

Single Cell Genomics is a large part of the Ragoussis lab and is involved both in novel technical developments and implementation of the newest methods in single-cell analysis, as well as provides single-cell genomics services to the broader community of researchers in the Montreal area. The platform mainly uses 10X Genomics technology for single-cell RNA, DNA, immune profiling, ATAC, multiome assays, but also other methods, such as Smart-Seq. Single Cell Genomics has numerous collaborations both in Canada and abroad, including a large-scale collaboration with Cancer Research UK.  


Morag Park - McGill University 
Richard Kremer - McGill University Health Centre 
Guillaume Bourque - McGill University 
Kevin Petrecca - McGill University 
Jack Antel - McGill University 
Gustavo Turecki - McGill University 
Nada Jabado - McGill University Health Centre 
Lorenzo Ferri - McGill University Health Centre 
Guy Rouleau - McGill University 
Alexandre Prat - University of Montreal


Ashot Harutyunyan, PhD
David Wang 
Spyridon Oikomonopoulos, PhD
Haig Djambazian 
Dunarel Badescu, PhD
Rui Li, PhD

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